Sunday, March 11, 2007


Oh, c.r.a.p. Yes, the pun is most certainly intended. It looks like all 4 of our kids have Rotavirus. Somebody call the Calgon truck! (...and the Lysol truck...and the carpet cleaner people!)

Last Saturday night, about 1am, John started throwing up. The vomiting lasted through the night and then the diarrhea showed up. That lasted until Wednesday night with a final up-chuck to end his sickness. We were starting to wonder what was going on because the other 3 hadn't shown any signs of anything.

Stomach bugs can be so very contagious. Could it be food poisoning? Or something else? I did comment to the nurse that the diapers really smelled. Typically, Austin brings home something from preschool and the triplets end up sick at the same time a few days after him. We have been hermits during cold and flu months last year and this year due to their preemie status. This time, it was different. The only place John had been alone was the doctor's office. Hmmm.

Thursday morning confirmed that whatever the illness, it was contagious. Lauren threw up at breakfast and lunch time. Friday morning Tyler threw up and at 2:30 pm Austin threw up. When it was just John, it was a piece of cake. Today is a different story. Thank goodness John is better. He has been our entertainment this afternoon. Lauren and Tyler are starting to show signs of getting better, but Austin's temp went to 104 late this afternoon. (Note to self....ORDER MORE DIAPERS and WIPES!)

Tonight warranted an after hours call to the pediatrician. as Austin's temp didn't come down much on Tylenol. Our doc was so busy it took over an hour to get a return call. After our discussion and a subsequent Google search, Clif and I are pretty certain that it's Rotavirus. She asked all of the questions that pointed us in that direction and suggested that it sounded like that, but Austin's high fever had her concerned about him. So we're I'm on fever watch. Clif is supposed to be taking the early morning shift...he's already snoring.

If you've never had a child with Rotavirus imagine the worst poopy diaper that you've ever changed and multiply the smell by 10. This is the nastiest stuff I've ever dealt with. Having triplets, (and a not so much older brother) on several mornings we've walked into kids' rooms and have faced 4 dirty diapers at the same time. I used to think that smell was brutal. Boy, was I wrong.

BTW, everything I read tonight said it could last 3-8 days. What? I surely don't have enough diapers and wipes. (Note to the earlier note to self.)

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Mir said...

Oh, you poor thing!!! Stay well yourself!

We had the norovirus about two weeks ago, and it was the strangest thing. Four days passed between the kids getting sick, and then three days passed between our youngest getting well, and me getting sick. The worst part was that they'd be fine for 24 hours and THEN get sick again! A tell-tale sign of the norovirus.

I read somewhere that kids catch an average of two stomach bugs a year until they're five, with the rate being higher for children in daycare.

Kinda makes you want to go all hermit, doesn't it?

Your kids are gorgeous (and very well-named. ;-))!

Jen said...

Hope everyone gets better quickly
my thoughts are with u

Ruby said...

Been there (though not with so many at once!) and its horrible! I'm so sorry that your doing this with three at once. I hope for their speedy recovery.

Just a note; whenever my little one has a fever, its also very high. I've found that when it goes to 103 or higher Tylenol doesn't touch it. Motrin is the ONLY thing that works at this point, and it works well to bring a high fever down fast.

Robin said...

Wow! That makes my one kid with pneumonia (early "stage) seem like NOTHING! I'm sooo feelin' your mommy pain and I only have THREE kids!

Sounds like by now things are better...right? :)

Mommy Brain said...

Oh my goodness! My DD (14 months) came down with a stomach bug last Monday and her twin got it two days after that. And two days after that I got it. Thankfully, it is not rotavirus. I've done more smelly laundry in the past week than I have in my entire life. Stock up on pedialyte and I'll pray that you and your DH stay healthy.