Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Big Bird Wears PJs?

My sweet little Austin does something every day that needs to get on the blog. His dazed and confused Mommy (or Mom as he's calling me now) doesn't always remember the details at the end of the day. Today, his sweetness occurred at the end of the day. Hallelujah, I can remember it long enough to get it posted.

I sent Clif to the grocery (Wal Mart) tonight. I usually go, but he volunteered. And if he wants to go, I say let him go! That's a chore that gets very old.

While he was gone I got the kids tucked in (or so I thought). I was in the kitchen doing the after bedtime kitchen grind, when I took a wee little break to check email. We have a loft upstairs that he frequently comes out to indicate that he's not really ready to go to sleep. My back was to the stairs and I heard this soft little throat clearing. I tried to ignore it for about 30 seconds and then heard a second faint little, 'ahem'.

Austin was sitting at the banister waiting for me to look up. I went to the kitchen sink and looked up to see those sweet little eyes staring down at me. He said, "I need help with PJs." I obliged and headed up the stairs. Then he blurts out, "And Big Bird needs PJs too!"

Luckily, Mom had her cell phone in her pocket (aren't I smart?). The first picture is what I saw when I entered his room. Isn't he sweet? He had carefully tucked Big Bird in. He had PJs picked out for both of them. The second shot is after the PJs.

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Jen said...

Hes a cutie
now i dont know if its me or not but i cant see your photos

Nana said...

You give us so many delights every day!!!