Monday, April 30, 2007

A Calgon Day

I think the Calgon truck missed my house today. That's a shame, because I needed a "Calgon Take Me Away" moment tonight.

Most days having 4 kids ages 3 and under is great fun. When you throw in an illness or two or three, fun is not a good descriptor of our household. To add to the "enjoyment" this evening, Daddy didn't get home until bed time. Between supper time and bed time, we could have filmed a Calgon commercial.

We can't seem to get rid of runny noses around here and now we may have some little stomach bug....again. I hope this is what I've been hearing about from other preschool moms. They describe it as very short. Short is good when you multiply it by six (as opposed to long and everyone starting at different times).

Tonight's excitement was provided by Tyler and John. Tyler was first. He covered me in his supper that didn't stay down. We all headed upstairs for an early bath. You would have thought nothing was wrong with the splish-splash party going on in there. We all got pretty wet!

As I plucked out each slippery toddler one by one, John left a poopy present behind in the bath tub. So now I have 4 wet, naked toddlers running rampant through the upstairs. Oh, and John wasn't done. He squirted his way all the way from the bathroom to Austin's bedroom. Geez.

Now the challenge became trying to keep all 4 out of the mess while I cleaned it up. Because, there's nothing more amusing to toddlers than playing in any kind of mess. And when Mom is stressed about them getting into poop, well now, that takes on a whole new level of fun. The whole time I was hoping that no one else would sprinkle the carpet because I hadn't had time to get diapers on everyone.

Thank goodness for carpet cleaner and Lysol!

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Tammy said...

Oh, bless your heart! I don't like those stomach things at all...much worse than colds but the two together? Not fun! (and I just have my two girls!)
I hope your family is on the mend very, very soon!

Jen said...

my prayers and thoughts are with you
I pray they get better very quickly
hugs for you

Amy said...

goodness! I do hope that things are much better now, illness is never pretty but the runny tummy variety is perhaps the ugliest of all the 'non painful' variety'.

I am in awe of your abilities, I think that having 2 at once is hard... it is nice to get a reality check once and a while.

Of course I then think that you also get to have double the cuddles, double the laughs and double the silliness and suddenly I am insanely jealous!