Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Warriors

Ok, so we didn't hike or camp or anything rugged, but I think taking 4 toddlers ages 3 and under out both weekend days qualifies for some type of scout badge or something! We're are own little weekend warriors.

This is the second weekend in a row that we were out most of the day both days! Our lives are slowly returning to normal. Not really, but a girl can pretend, huh?

Saturday was the parade and today we went to William and Lily's 3rd birthday party in the late afternoon after church in the morning. Tired yet? We are. William and Lily (and big brother Sam) are some of Austin's best buddies. The clown was a huge hit with the kids and pretty funny for the adults.

John was just as scared of the clown as he was the big fire engine on Saturday. Lauren and Tyler took everything in stride as usual. Austin was very slow to warm up to the clown, but that's all he talked about on the way home.

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Jen said...

sounds like a busy but enjoyable weekend good on you

Ruby said...

You go, weekend warriors! ;)

Frances said...

And to think...they all look so happy in the picture : )