Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Grammy Poe!

Today is my Grammy Poe's birthday. She is 85 and still going strong. Until this year, she still mowed her yard! She was here for a visit this winter and was a huge help when we were all sick. I think she might have the best immune system I've ever seen. All 6 of us were sick and she had a few sniffles. Amazing.

As a mother of 2 daughters, I'm sure that she never expected to see so many babies in future generations. She has spent almost half of her life as a grandmother and now a great-grandmother to 13. Five of those great-grandkids arrived within 8 months and after my grandfather passed.

She has handled being a widow with such grace and strength. I'm sure being a preacher's wife for all of those years was good training. She is so spiritually grounded, she can handle almost anything.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many more birthdays to come.


Allyson said...

Grammy Poe is the sweetest lady I know. Spending time with her was a joy. I miss her almost as much as I miss Clif (ha ha).

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to Grammy Poe
what an amazing woman she sounds
what a lovely tribute to her
I hope she has a wonderful day too

Nadine said...

Well Happy Birthday to Grammy Poe -what a great picture. You did such a nice job with your tribute to her.

Marcia said...

Grammy Poe is my Mother making Lynne my daughter. My Mother is a true lady that has spent her life devoted to God and her family. She is loving every minute of all the great-grandchildren and they love her dearly. Thanks, Lynne for honoring her. xoxoxo Mom