Monday, April 16, 2007

The VT Shootings

I have a close friend who is a professor at Virginia Tech. And we used to be neighbors with their football coach way back when. This story is a little more personal to me. I am so grateful that I read my friend Jen's email before I heard the news. She was thoughtful enough to send a message out to friends to let us know that she was safe at home.

My day was busy and it was 2pm before I turned on the computer or any tv other than kid shows. Luckily, I saw her email before I knew the horrific details of this event. What a tragedy. All I can say is be in prayer for the families that lost loved ones and also those who have to return back to campus. She was very shaken by this whole tragedy.

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Jen said...

Thank the Lord that Jen was home.

I woke up and read it about it in the news. I have been praying for those affected by this tradgy all day. May God comfort them.

eph2810 said...

Been praying since yesterday when I heard it on my way home.