Saturday, April 21, 2007

Triplet Picnic

Actually, it was a picnic for triplets and more! There were 2 sets of quadruplets in attendance. Wow! Multiple moms are always amazed to meet a family with one more than them.

We had a great time. The weather was gorgeous. Here's a group photo courtesy of one of the other members. They estimated that more than 20 families were present. And several of those had an extra sibling besides the multiple set, so I'm guessing that there were about 30 parents (many Dads couldn't make it) and oh, 70 kids. Wowsa!

It was really nice to go somewhere and not get asked "Are they triplets?" That was a nice change of pace.

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Jen said...

Pleased you had a great time.
must be nice to be friends who what its like too

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Lynne - thanks for the nomination for a thinking blogging award, from LAST week. I'm a little slow at responding, sometimes!!

It looks like you had a fun time at your picnic. I love those HOM get-togethers ... although it's always tough to be one-upped by a quad mom!! (Really, I don't see how it would be THAT much harder ... do you?!) :)

loren said...

That's just ASKING for trouble! I'd agree to that if there were some seriously high, seriously barb-wired, fences around to keep all the kids from running amok :)