Friday, May 11, 2007

Early Mother's Day Gifts

This weekend I get to celebrate my 4th Mother's Day. They keep getting better and better. Four kids in 4 mother's days. Life has been busy. Austin is 3 and the triplets are 19 1/2 months old this year.

I never dreamed motherhood would be like this. I had an idea of what things would be like, but not many people ever dream about what happens when your family increases by 3 in one day. Life after triplets is nothing you can imagine until it happens. Every day is a blessing.

This year instead of my hubby calling 1-800-flowers or some such place to order overpriced flowers that cost an arm and a leg to ship, he decided to plant some things that would last. He visited the local garden center of Lowe's and purchased something from him and each of the kids. Austin followed Daddy out this afternoon and they shoveled out some Georgia clay , very dry clay I might add, to plant my flowers . They were both very proud.

This is also the year that Austin made me my first homemade Mother's Day present. I'm so glad that I took a picture when he brought it home because it already looks different. Those little foam stickers don't stay on long when the project creator decides they need to be adjusted a few more times.

Thank you Austin, John, Lauren, and Tyler for giving me the title of Mom. I am so thankful to mother four wonderful little souls. Each one of you is so full of life and unique. It is such a blessing to watch you as you grow and learn about life.

I wish all Moms a glorious Mother's Day weekend.

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Jen said...

bless your hubby

how sweet that Austin made you a homemade Mother's Day present.
that is one cool special box

bless you this mothers day Lynne

Mom/Nana said...

Great idea, Clif! And Austin, what a beautiful box you made for Mom. Lynne, hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve it. Wish all the family could be together tomorrow but we will see you next week.

Stacie said...

Happy Mother's Day!