Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kitchen Help

All four kids enjoy being in the kitchen these days. This is especially true when I'm loading or unloading the dishwasher.

This particular day they gathered in front of the refrigerator. Austin and Lauren were in a big discussion (talking about world peace or something), John was phoning in his dinner order on the play phone and Tyler looks like he was still trying to wake up.

Austin has become fascinated with cooking and "helpin' Mommy!" He drags a chair over to the counter and wants to help with everything!

At every new stage I keep saying how I can't imagine what it will be like to watch 3 go through a particular stage at once. It is actually working out ok so far. [However, I'm going to start a 'pray for my sanity' campaign when we start potty training the triplets.] They don't all go through the exact thing at the same time, but they do try to imitate their brother on almost everything.

The 'orange shoe' picture depicts a recent episode of this. Austin peeled an orange and decided that his shoe was just as good of a place as the trash can, and so much more convenient for him. The next thing I knew, he had all three little ones in the game. They spent 20 minutes entertaining themselves by putting in and taking out orange peels.

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Jen said...

funny little things arent they - children

Brandie said...

How cute! Orange peels in shoes, "helping" with dishes, yeah, I go through it too, but only the youngest is doing things like that. And I will be praying for potty training time for you! LOL!