Tuesday, May 1, 2007

N.E.E.D. more Calgon

Luckily, it's not for my house! We are all much better today.

The Calgon driver will be busy with all of the addresses I'm gonna send him.

My phone rang this morning and my friend Julie who hosted this past weekend's birthday party was asking is anyone was sick here. After a few phone calls, she had determined that about 70% of the attendees were sick.

This sounds like something that's going around. Lots of kids and teachers have it and one little boy at Austin's preschool displayed his "sickness" at the Family Day last Wednesday. All of the moms whose kids had it prior to him said that is only lasts a few hours. Thank goodness!

If you'd like to send someone a Calgon e-card, click on one of the graphics in this post.

And to the Calgon people...if you're looking for a new commercial idea....I think you need a multiple moms campaign.

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Frances said...

There's a country music song that talks about "find out who your friends are"...guess we'll soon see!

Mir said...

We had it go around here less than two weeks ago, and for the first time since having children, I didn't catch it!!! The ER ped said that it is indeed the rotavirus, and it is indeed rearing its ugly head all over the state.

Stay well!!

Jen said...

wow 70%

pleased to hear your all getting better

Grandparents Corner said...

Can you send him my way pleaseeeee, so cute! ~ Bonnie