Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Swimming Lessons - Day 3

Day 3 of swimming lessons was pretty much a repeat of day 2. Everyone is still crying, but skills are improving. They didn't swallow much water today. The babies are "very buoyant" according to Tanya, so they should be great floaters, but this means they need to get a strong kick before she teaches them to float. Otherwise, they won't want to kick, they'll rely on floating only (if that makes any sense).

I was able to get pictures and some low-res video of the boys. Austin didn't want to go and didn't want to swim, but he keeps asking to watch the video of him over and over. I guess I was busy dressing someone while Lauren was in the pool. I'll get her next week.

Here is a picasa slide show. It has 3 photos and 4 videos embedded. Click on the slide show to visit my gallery and watch the movies of the boys.

More pictures to come in the following weeks.

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Jen said...

great slideshow and videos
kids love watching themselves on camera
by showing him you probably encourage him to go especially if you say youll take some more of him
its a nice little pool and its nice how the instructor takes them one at a time

Mommy Brain said...

Thanks for posting these great updates. Do you get a multiples discount? Just curious - If we decide to do this I plan to ask for one.