Sunday, June 3, 2007

Chipped Tooth

We're going to have to get to the dentist sooner than later. Lauren has somehow chipped a tooth. The picture of her without the chip was taken sometime Friday and by the evening, she had chipped a tooth.

I don't recall her falling or crying or bleeding. I have read that sometimes preemie teeth are affected because of being in the NICU instead of mommy's tummy. We'll have to see what the dentist says.

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Jen said...

oh dear
she has amazing blue eyes

nana said...

How did you that? I bet one of your brothers was on the scene, right?

Mommy Brain said...

Poor Lauren. This must be pretty common because you're not even the first person to blog about this. It was a twin in this case so the whole NICU might be true. (

Lynne said...

Mommy Brain,

Wow, his little girl had a bad one! I called the dentist today and they aren't real concerned, so we won't go until July.

Jody said...

I don't know if it's a NICU thing or not. Gemma chipped a tooth by falling face-first on a Thomas-the-Tank-Engine train, she wailed and wailed (it was, alas, the very day of her third birthday -- no more perfect smiles after that), the dentist smoothed the edges, and we forgot all about it until the tooth was lost last month.

Thank goodness it's just a baby tooth, right?