Sunday, June 3, 2007

Shopping at IKEA

We packed up the kids and headed out to IKEA today. I've been curious to visit and have gotten several of their catalogues. They have 1) a huge amount of stuff, 2) the potential for you to buy way more "stuff" than you need, 3) unique ideas, and 4) cheap food (you can't get a 99 cent kids meal anywhere these days).

Clif pushed the triple stroller and messed around with people as they gasped and asked, "Is it triplets?" One lady even asked if we got the stroller at IKEA.

Austin walked through almost all of the store saying, "oh, look at that Mommy!" He had his own bag to carry around and saw many things that he tried to put into the shopping bag. We lost 1 sandal and gained some storage bins and plastic plates, bowls, and kid utensils.

The reason we went today is for storage needs. I had scoped out a shelving unit four our dining room/playroom. They have this series that is very versatile, has mounting brackets, and lot of accessories that fit in the cubby holes. Many triplet moms have recommended this unit.

The good news: we only spend $108. The bad news: we didn't get the big storage shelf that we were after. This is one popular item. Even though their online inventory said it was in stock, it wasn't. I thought I'd see how much it would cost to have them ship it. Gulp! We're just going to have to go back again soon. Yikes! $129 for the unit and $128 to ship? post signature

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Mommy Brain said...

I love, LOVE, LOOOOVVVEEEE Ikea. In the winter it was my favorite indoor place to walk around. Does yours have a children's section? I love their toys. (Stacking cups for less than $2 - who can beat that!?!)

Love that storage unit. I've spotted it in many mothers of multiples' homes. Hope it's stocked soon!