Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

It was a great Father's Day weekend. I think Clif is finally settling into being a Dad of 4. He is so proud of his little foursome and they are crazy about their daddy. We never expected to have such full hands, such a full house, and such full hearts.

Yesterday we went to support our friends Kimberly and Will at Will's all-star game. They are the wife and son of our friend Brian who was lost in a drowning accident Memorial Day weekend. It makes us appreciate our blessings so much more this year.

Today, Austin helped me make (ok, so he stirred one thing) breakfast and all 4 kids climbed into bed with Daddy for breakfast in bed. I think Clif enjoyed his surprise. I hope you had a wonderful day. We love you!

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Jen said...

Happy fathers Day Clif
youre doing an awesome job

mmm said...

Hope Clif's day was as good as it looked on the video, restful.