Friday, June 15, 2007

Swimming Lessons - Day 16

Austin cried again...because his lesson was over. He quietly started crying when Robin asked him to sit on the steps indicating that his lesson was done. He kept saying, "Mommy, I hold you please." I finally got him to tell me what was wrong. "Mommy, I want to swim to Tanya and Robin again." [sniff...sniff] They obliged and let him take another short turn after the babies were done. He quit crying and patiently waited his turn.

Tyler was amazing. No crying at all!!! He was leaning over the pool as Austin finished and splashed a little. When it was his turn, he went in a did a great job. He's kicking like a little frog. It was so much fun to watch. This past Monday I would have said that he would be the very last of the 4 to get comfortable in the water. He was clinging to me like Velcro. I'll get some new video next week to post.

Lauren and John. Oh, Lauren and John. The swam together again today. We still have crying, but it's less. And Lauren can float for almost a minute without any assistance. She actually got to where she wasn't crying at all. John cried the entire time, but I'm not giving up hope that he'll be just like Austin and Tyler some day soon.

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Jen said...

Oh poor Austin Im pleased he got another little turn and nice waiting

WTG!!!! Tyler

praying that Lauren and John do become li`ke the other boys real soon

Melody said...

Have just watched your video and it makes me wanna cry! YOu look like such a delightful family, I wish you lived next door!!