Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hooked on 24

Thanks to my friend Deb, Clif and I are hooked on 24. I know, we're terribly behind. We've been busy.

We are doing the Blockbuster monthly thing and I decided after this season's finale of 24 that we just had to go back and really catch up. It looks like with our vast (ahem) amount of free time we might possibly get through all of the previous seasons by the time the triplets get to kindergarten.

I never realized how long a season was when you try to watch all at once. It is wonderful skipping the commercials and not having to fast forward. I considered purchasing it for Fathers' Day. I'm so glad I didn't. We wouldn't get to watch it for the second time until the triplets graduate from high school and Austin is in college.

So here we are back in 2001. The thing that cracks me up is all of the outdated technology. I used to work for Cingular in '01 and I had all of the cell phones they used in season 1. They were the newest thing then. Now, they are big, chunky, retro phones. By the way, the phone Jack uses in season 1 would have never held a charge for the whole 24 hours, even with his swanky car charger.

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Toni said...

If I lived closer to CA, I would stalk Jack. I mean Kiefer. I wont answer my phone when it is on- and I won't parent the boys either. I have a serious issue. I own all 5 seasons, and will buy 6 when it is released.

Glad to see we have common ground!

Mommy Brain said...

I miss TV. People are always talking about these great shows and I don't want to start watching them until I catch up on past seasons. And when do I have time to watch 5 seasons in a row of something?

LOL on the phone comment! The changes in technology/fashion/even slang are my favorite part of watching old episodes of stuff.