Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Swimming Lessons - Day 9

At the risk of turning this into a swimming blog....Here's an update on swimming lessons. I know several moms have commented and emailed about following the kids' progress as well as friends and family.

Austin has mastered the bee line to the bathroom to avoid being first into the pool. Tyler is now saying "wah wah" before we ever leave the house as well as upon our arrival in the parking lot. Lauren stays calm and watches until I hand her into the pool. John still claps and negotiates being done with the instructors.

All of their backfloats (with the exception of Tyler) are really coming along well. Tyler's kick and swim is about the best of the bunch, though.

I did remember the camera today and have some short clips here (low res). Click on the image to view the video clips.


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Jen said...

how long will they be having the swimming lessons?
Id be really interested in seeing some more videos in say a month
they seem to do a lot of crying
but it will worth it in the end wont it
praying they start enjoying it soon

Mommy Brain said...

Thanks for all of the great updates. I'm looking forward to comparing their initial days to the end result, too.

Nadine said...

Swimming lessons - what fun.