Thursday, June 14, 2007

Swimming Lessons - Days 14 and 15

Yesterday was the same old report; three year old having lots of fun and toddlers screaming.

Today was Tyler's day. He still cried on the way into the pool, but calmed down significantly and made good progress. He's kicking and making it a lot longer distance between the teacher and the steps.

Lauren and John swam together and that helped some. Tanya had John and Robin had Lauren. They still cried, but weren't as stressed out. I'm sitting here watching Lauren spin in circles and dancing, so she sure didn't wear herself out in the pool as usual.

I'm hopeful that the end of next week everyone will be much happier in the water.

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Mommy Brain said...

I'm sure you mentioned this and it just slid out of my brain but how many days/weeks of lessons will there be?

hi my name is mommy said...

uh oh, Im getting nervous. I was just about to sign them up for swimming lessons...maybe is should re-think