Saturday, August 11, 2007

Interview With a 3 Year Old

Austin and I were having a discussion while the triplets took a nap. I am joining Clif for a couple of days in Las Vegas next week (more about that later) and we were discussing both Mommy and Daddy being gone. I asked him what he wanted me to bring him from my trip. It was so funny, I decided to just started asking him random questions. Here are some thoughts from a 3 1/2 year old.

  • What do you want from Las Vegas? pretzels [huh?]

  • How old is Mommy? 1 [whew..I was expecting 100]

  • How old is Daddy? 3 [so he and Daddy are the same age?]

  • What is your favorite color? red

  • Who is your favorite football team? Daddy [can you tell Daddy loves football?]

  • What is your favorite number? 1

  • What is your favorite letter? ABC

  • What is your favorite animal? giraffe

  • What is your favorite movie? Open Season [the last movie he saw]

  • What is your favorite food? fish [this was big news to me]

  • What is your girlfriend's name? Anne [they have the exact same birthday and go to church together]

  • What is your favorite song? ABCs

  • What is your favorite toy? truck

  • What is your favorite sports? golf

  • Who is your favorite golfer? Daddy [Clif will grin from ear to ear when he reads this]

  • How many brothers and sisters do you have? 1...2...3...lots of 'em...lots of 'em [I guess he still can't get over how fast our family grew]

  • What's your favorite flower? pink

  • What time is is? wake up

  • Do you take naps? no Why not? well..yes I do, in the bathroom [no wonder he stays in there so long when he has to potty]

  • What kind of car are you going to drive when you are big? little yellow car [as opposed to the Wiggles Big Red Car?]

Too funny.

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FabTheMayor said...

Before you get on the plane, you have to promise you will not, under any circumstances, at all, period...interview Austin upon your return.

Overwhelmed! said...

That's too cute! :)

nana said...

Austin - this is your chance - ask for more than pretzels.....