Friday, August 10, 2007

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Notice the new feature on my side bar. Now the droves and droves of you who have been asking for it can receive this blog via email.

I guess the new definition of drove is 1 or 2. All kidding aside, I added it so that Grandma K (and potentially Grammy Poe) could get a Presto. They have a rebate going on and you can get the device for $99 (after a rebate). I posted about this device a few months ago when the girls at 5 Minutes for Mom gave one away in a contest. You can't surf, you can only receive email messages.

Grandma K has WebTV now, but frequently needs family tech support. I thought we had things worked out in May, but she hasn't been able to get online more than a couple of times since I was there. She still hasn't printed out the Tilapia recipe that I put out there for her to find!

She keeps saying that she wants a computer. No offense Grandma, but if you can't keep your WebTV functional, I'm not terribly optimistic about computer usage. Here's my plea to Grandma K. Buy the Presto and you can read this blog by picking up a printout on your printer.

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FabTheMayor said...

No matter whether or not Granny K gets that or not, I am always FIRST on the tech help line...sorry Granny...babysitters first.

MOM said...

Your Dad stills says that she will have this messed up within minutes!!!

Debbie said...

I made the Tilapia and it was delicious. I am a bit challenged in the "fish" area of cooking, so this was a great new find. I hope Grandma can find the recipe!
Love, Deb

hi my name is mommy said...

I am a big looser I know...but what is the whole feed thing about and email subscriptions?