Saturday, October 20, 2007

Catching Up

It was a long week. There wasn't much time to post.

Daddy did great with the kids while I was gone. I left Tuesday for Jerry's funeral and returned Thursday late afternoon. Daddy handled all of Wednesday by himself which included a trip to the pumpkin patch with Austin's preschool class (he's third from the right in the photo below).

I'm very glad that I was able to attend the funeral. It was very fitting to Jerry. His daughter arranged for a jazz combo to play during the visitation and for special music during the funeral. The music in conjunction with a recent photo of him made everyone feel like he was there. His spirit was really strong in the chapel. It was really a great experience. Lots of old friends were there and I think Debbie got a lot of needed support.

Just before the funeral I received a call from my friend Frances. Her father had just passed away. Please say an extra prayer for her as she buries her Dad tomorrow (Sunday). She is in WV with her family and I'm sure that this is a very difficult time for her.

We spent this evening with our friends Kay and Sonny. We enjoyed their company and they enjoyed the children. They have four horses, two dogs, and two cats. They also have tons of Halloween decorations and the kids had a blast. I'll post pictures of the kids on the horses tomorrow.

Austin was a hoot. It seems that every time we leave Kay and Sonny's house he comes home with something. One time it was a baseball had, another time a Notre Dame t-shirt, and tonight it was a cowboy hat. Kay brought it out for him to play with and in true Austin form he went into full imaginary mode as a cowboy. Sonny made sure that he took it home.

Now it's time to play catch up with laundry and all of the other stuff....

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