Sunday, October 21, 2007

Horsing Around

We had great fun this weekend at our friends' house. Kay and Sonny had us over for hot dogs and Halloween decorations (including candy, of course). The kids had a wonderful time. We had fun watching them as they experienced lots of new things.
All four kids got on Reagan (the white horse) and were interacting with the other three horses. Tyler and Austin seem to have the most interest and connection with animals. Tyler kept going up to the fense and saying, "orsee, orsee...Mommy...orsee!" They both spent a lot of time with the dogs and cats.
Lauren had the most connection with the chocolate in the candy bowl. She probably gets that honest. I won't say from who, but it's a girl thing, right? She kept going to the talking candy bowl and saying, "more chockit, more chockit'. At one point she dumped the entire bowl!
John was his observant, analytical self. I caught him having a little conversation with one of the horses toward the end of the evening. He had lots to tell them apparently. Originally he wasn't comfortable at all. It takes him the longest to warm up to new situations. After about 30 minutes he was going to the fence to "talk" to them. At one point the horse named Bo bowed (which he usually reserves for Kay's command).
What a great time!


jen said...

Looks like FUN :)

Debbie said...

Lynne and Co---
These pics made my heart sing! Thanks.
Love, Deb

Stacie said...

What fun!!