Thursday, October 4, 2007

An Imaginative 3 Year Old

Our little Austin never ceases to amaze us with his imagination. Lately, he acts out some of the things he does at preschool and some of the shows he watches on tv. He acts out reading at circle time during preschool, he acts out episodes of Dora the Explorer, he pretends to take off in his rocket ship with the Little Einstein characters. He has become quite the little thinker and actor.

The other day he went up to his room for quiet time. After about 20 minutes he came to the top of the stairs and said "Mommy, I got my clothes on! I need to come downstairs to play. I'll help you clean up!" This translates into 'Mommy, I changed my clothes again and I'm already bored.' I opened the gate and we had some alone time while the triplets took their nap.

Fast forward to bed time. Austin's room is directly across from the triplets room. I was in their room getting them ready for bed and I looked into Austin's room. There was a little piece of poopie on the carpet. Apparently, this is what happened during his 20 minutes of quiet time.

The following conversation ensued:

Mommy: "Austin, is that poop on your floor?"
Austin: "Um...No."
Mommy: "Austin, is that poop on your floor?"
Austin: [after a moment of silence, he places his hand on his chin...] "Well...Yes. But mommy, it's a caterpillar and it's going to turn into a butterfly!"

I'll never look at butterflies the same way again.

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Jen said...

I love little ones imaginations