Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for many things in my life today. My family tops the list. I have a wonderful husband and four healthy, happy children.

While you are contemplating what you are thankful for please go read about Barth Syndrome. We have very close friends who have a son, William, with Barth Syndrome. Today they are thankful that he is one of the healthiest boys in the world with this genetic disorder.

William in an elite group. There are only around 100 boys in the world who have been diagnosed with this disorder. One of the other elite members in this group needs your help.

Susan Hone's son also has Barth Syndrome. The Hone family lives in Canada and they are trying to win airline miles to be able to attend the Barth Syndrome conference this summer in Florida. This conference is very important as many physicians across the world attend. The boys are seen by the top docs in this field.

Please take 2-3 minutes and read about their family and vote for them to be able to go to the conference. Voting ends in 11 days! And say a little prayer for all of these boys.

Have a wonderful Turkey Day!

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Mommy Brain said...

I voted for her. (You can vote as often as you want until Dec 3 so remind us again!) She has a beautiful story.