Monday, November 19, 2007

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Our Thanksgiving festivities officially began today.

It was going to be a feat to get from Austin's feast and singing at noon in the church gym and the triplets' feast at 12:15 in their room. The triplets took care of the dilemma with a round of diarrhea. They act like they feel fine, but their diapers tell a different story.

Thank goodness Fabthemayor is off from school the whole week. Clif had a meeting that couldn't be changed or cancelled. She was able to come by for an hour while I went to be with Austin.

His class was so cute. They were all dressed up in their Thanksgiving costumes. They all picked names and had them written on their shirts. His name was "Little Train". They made place mats, napkin rings, and sang a Thanksgiving song.

And so the week begins............


jen said...

hope the triplets get better soon
bless Fabthemayor
cool photos
Happy Thanks Giving

Nana said...

Austin, you were so cute!!!
Oh, how I wish I could have been there.....
Triplets have to get better for all of their Thanksgiving company. Eat some turkey for me, ok?

Kellan said...

Such cute pictures! Have a great Thanksgiving, Lynne - you and your family. Take care. Kellan

Mommy Brain said...

Fabthemayor sounds really fab. I love the pics and am glad you were able to be there for Austin.