Monday, November 5, 2007

Here's $10 at Ebates

I learned about Ebates from a friend. She asked if I "did" Ebates. I hadn't heard of it. It is a retail referring site. They get paid to send you to online retailers and pass some of the money back to you as a bonus.

They gather and link to over 800 online retailers and the retailer gives you a percentage off (ranging from about 3-10%) for clicking through Ebates. They also have a coupons and daily specials.

My first purchase was a new diaper backpack from Ebags. I bought the diaper and with my sign-up bonus ended up getting $15 back from Ebates. My friend used it to get her step-son's wedding present which was some pretty nice sterling flatware and saved hundreds of dollars.

If you sign up and make a purchase at Ebates by November 15th you can get $10 credited to your account plus the percentage discount on your purchase. I also get $10 for referring you. That sounds like some diaper money to me.

Sign up here and we can both get $10. Then pass your link on to some of your friends and you can get $10 when they sign up.

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