Friday, November 2, 2007

What Happened to Thanksgiving?

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving as we should any more. My 3 1/2 year old gets Halloween. He gets Christmas and his birthday. He has yet to get excited or even mention Thanksgiving.

For the last several weeks Austin has been asking, "Is it Halloween time yet?" He's been stating, "It's almost Christmas time!" And as I mentioned yesterday he wanted to start decorating for Christmas practically before he got out of his Halloween costume.

The media and Christmas "marketeers" sure don't help. I've heard several news stories in the past week about how Wal Mart and other stores are pushing their Christmas, oh excuse me, holiday discount days even closer to Halloween. We went to Lowes today and they already had two very full (and very beautiful) aisles of Christmas trees and blow-up yard thingys. Austin wanted every last thing in the aisles.

"Look at that Mommy! O Wow! It's Santa!" To which I replied, "But Austin, we haven't had Thanksgiving yet." That fell on deaf ears.

Georgia Mom has a great post today on this subject. She is blogging about Thanksgiving traditions, recipes, and memories during the month of November. Go on over and check it out. In fact, that's where I found the banner I just put in my header today.

In the mean time, join me in a little history refresher on these links from a quick Google search:


Georgia Mom said...

I'm glad you're on the Thanksgiving bandwagon with me! We can work together to give Thanksgiving the credit is deserves :o)

Wow, 4 kids under 3!! You are one busy lady. Thanks for linking to my post and I'm headed off to read some of your recents post.

Georgia Mom

Joanne said...

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday of the year. It is the underdog of holidays because it is shoved aside by Halloween and bullied by Christmas. Thanks for the sites and info...I LOVED your cornicopia picture for your post. Where did you get it from? My first visit but I will return.

In Him, Joanne

Not Afraid to Use It said...

THANK YOU for blogging about this. It absolutely makes me crazy how everyone seems to skip over Thanksgiving and put up their trees before November is through. I intend to play up Thanksgiving every year so that my kids love the holiday as much as I do, and appreciate what it means to give thanks.