Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Some of my most favorite photographic collages are done when I should be sleeping. I may even like the graphic above more than the actual Christmas card below. Hmmm...they haven't been mailed yet.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the collage
especially Lauren isnt she just so loving
Jen at

Anonymous said...

Nana says that they are all just precious but I like the one that you chose for the card.

Loving wife, slightly hysterical mother said...

I love the collage. It captures the true nature of parenting so beautifully! It would def be my choice for the card ;-)


Mommy Brain said...

Send the collage! Send the collage! It's so true. The last picture I have of my two both looking at the camera, dressed nicely, big smiles, no weird hair sticking places....well, it's from Easter. Do you think I can send an 8 month old photo as our Christmas car?

Stacie said...

I love love love the collage. Send the collage!

Bonnie (in Northern KY) said...

The collage!