Friday, December 7, 2007

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up after triplets is a lot like blowing up a balloon with a hole in it. - Lesa Rhoton, Author of Angus and the Triplets

This post is to share some frustration with our fellow moms and dads of multiples, especially high order multiples. When they get to the toddler stage life can be very chaotic. This too shall pass....

I couldn't find any really good mess pictures (not the photos I want to look at years from now), but this sums up our daily life with our four little ones. It is amazing how fast toddlers can create a disaster. The current bane of our existence is cleaning up the kitchen. Some friends who have multiples close to the same age feel our pain.

Poised to strike.

Add in big brother and we can make a mess in an awful big hurray. This room was clean 30 seconds prior. This is a small mess, but created with lightening speed.


Mommy Brain said...

That is my new favorite quote. I've taken a lot less photos of my girls these days because the carpet always seems to be covered in crushed goldfish and cheerios. Not to mention toys, books, and clothes.

MaryBeth said...

Amen to that! I just hope the whole place doesn't fall in around us lots of days!!! When is it, exactly, that they will be old enough to start "pitching in" to help clean up... I mean the really useful kind?