Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ice Cubes in January

He's so proud! One month from being 4, he's figured out that water has another state.

Austin saw this white plastic thing on the counter today.

We have a water and ice dispenser in our fridge and over Christmas the ice maker somehow went into underdrive (if there is such a thing). It couldn't keep up with the demand of our guests over the holiday season, so we tried to get ahead dumping extra into gallon-sized zip lock bags.

That still wasn't enough, so we took out the "old-fashioned" trays. I know, many of you still use trays, but our 4 little ones have never seen such things. Austin was very intrigued.

Austin: "What's that Mommy?"
Me: "It's an ice cube tray."
Austin: [very puzzled] "What's it do Mommy?"
Me: "Well, you put water in it and then put it in the freezer to make ice cubes. Do you want to try it?"
Austin: "Sure!!!"

We filled up a tray and found a spot in our freezer, which is not an easy task when the freezer has an ice dispenser and is filled of holiday leftovers.

He checked the freezer every 31.5 seconds until we left to get all of the boys hair cuts. I figured when we got back he would have forgotten about it. The first thing he did was go to the freezer and yell, "It worked!!! We have ice!!"

An engineer in the making, huh? Don't you wish you could bottle that enthusiasm and be so excited about all of the little things in your daily life that go so right? We forget to look sometimes.


The Trier and Jen said...

science :)


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

You know, I never even really thought about the fact that our kids won't necessarily know how ice is made since we have an icemaker in our freezer too. Maybe we'll have to dig out one of the old trays too, for learning's sake. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL...we'll need to get out some ice trays, too! At least for my youngest, who just thinks that ice is something that magically comes out of the refrigerator.

Carmi said...

Hi Lynne. I originally came here because of WW, but this entry touched me. You've reminded us all of why it's so important to focus on this little moments of childhood. Which aren't so little in the overall scheme of things because they matter so much.

I hope you'll drop by for a peek at my WW contribution:

I'd like to wish you a wonderful Wordless Wednesday!