Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our "New" Table

We had been thinking of replacing our old kitchen table. It had seen better days and needed some TLC that I didn't have time to give it. In addition, the chairs weighed what must have felt like a ton to toddlers. It was going to be really hard for the kids to get in and out of chairs as they come our of their booster chairs.

Life is all about timing. My Grammy Poe decided to spruce up her house a few months ago and got some new furniture. That left a few items that she needed to get rid of. We got her old dining table. It fits perfect in our kitchen and reminds me of her and my late grandfather every time we sit down for a meal. It's been fun watching the kids get excited about their "new" table.

Here's a shot of them at snack time. Thanks Grammy!


The Trier and Jen said...

nice table and chairs

bless Grandma Poe


Anonymous said...

Meals have been blessed many times at that table by their Great Granddaddy Poe!!! NANA