Tuesday, February 26, 2008

College Rivalry Confusion

I've had to get used to southern college rivalries. I must apologize for not being a die hard. This will probably make some UGA and GT fans mad. That rivalry is nuts. My hubby is a big GT fan and we have all of the garb. The kids, however, are going to preschool with a majority of UGA bulldog fans. They have no idea what is what yet. This video proves that. Enjoy!

This is for my cousin Wayne who is still fighting for his life in the hospital. A big bulldog fan. This would make 'cuz' smile.
Untitled from Lynne on Vimeo.

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FabTheMayor said...

Oldest Child says she is oh, so sorry for that! But...it would not be in your best interest to fire the "Get What You Pay For Babysitting Service" before this weekend!