Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Don't Let the Sweet Face Fool You

We've got a biter. Don't let Tyler's sweet little face fool you. He goes through phases of frustration and his weapon of choice is his teeth. When he gets mad, he bites. We thought he had outgrown this.

Today he bit two kids at preschool. They are really good about confidentiality. He has bitten someone about 3 other times the whole year. We haven't known for sure who the child on the receiving end was.

In the backpack today was the Biting Report form. I scanned it in just for posterity. Usually we get the bottom portion filled out and the child he bit gets a form with the top portion filled out.

Today we got this:

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Mommy Brain said...

Well they saved on paper! :-) Too funny. When Ali was 8 months old she bit her 4 year old cousin. Ever since then that entire SIDE of the family asks "is this the biter" before they pick up one of my girls. It's been over a year and they still ask.