Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long time no post

This has been the longest time between posts in a while. As usual life with 4 kids has been busy. Now with mommy working part time it's even more difficult to squeeze in a coherent blog post.

We got a preview of things to come last weekend. Saturday morning our Sunday school class went to a local nursing home to help the residents make Valentine's Day cards. The rest of the day was potentially filled with parties. We were invited to 3 birthday parties. One invitation was for Austin, one was for John, Lauren and Tyler and the last one was for Mommy and Daddy.

It was pretty easy to cut it down to one party, but as the kids get bigger, they'll want to participate in those kinds of things. Wow, that will be interesting.

The photo below shows Austin in the blue shirt scoping the room tying to decide who to give his valentine to. I told him to pick one of the older adults. The residents had varying abilities physically and cognitively. They were all very glad to have kids to interact with and had a great day. He picked a lady in a white sweater who was sitting in a wheel chair. She didn't quite know what to do with his card, but I watched her open it, read it and smile.

He came back and made a second card and I encouraged him to give it away as well. I suggested that he go and find another resident. He walked straight to the same woman, presented her with her second card and gave her a big hug.

After our mommy and Austin morning, we headed to Cooper's party. Cooper is a big brother of quads. He and Austin are 4 days apart and the quads are 3 days older than our triplets. I imagine we're friends for life! They are a great family and I hope we can keep in touch as they all get what it's like to be in a multiples family and will relate well to each other.

The shot below is the triplets on the quads swing set having a ball. It was a bit chilly, but it didn't bother them a bit.

I am just so thankful that we have, so far, escaped this bad flu that seems to be going around. I heard that last Friday there were 25 teachers out at a local grade school.

Our friend William isn't as lucky. Please say a prayer for him. He is almost 4 years old and has Barth Syndrome. I asked for you to vote for a woman in an airline contest who has a son with Barth a couple of months back. William is also a Barth Syndrome boy. He is very healthy in general but any time he gets sick he could be in danger. Today he has a fever of 103 and is on his way to the ER for a chest x-ray and blood work.

Julie, William's mother, has passed on prayer requests from time to time for other boys and their families. There are only about 100 boys worldwide who have been diagnosed with this so they have a very close group. Recently, a 10 year old boy who had just been to the cardiologist and got very good and encouraging results died of a sudden arrhythmia. So they are always holding their breath. Please say a prayer for William.


Debbie said...

I love this post. To me, it respresents pure joy and love as well as the fragility of life. Thanks for sharing. It was just what I needed this morning. Praying for William to be healthy and praying with gratitude for all of you.
Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

Praying for William. And your son is SUCH a sweetie with the Valentine cards...I'm sure that lady loved the attention from him. :o)