Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a very blessed Easter. We did. The weather was gorgeous in Georgia and the kids were able to be outside both days.

Saturday we went to our church's annual Easter Egg hunt. The kids had a great time. We've decided last year's Easter Bunny picture experience is permanently imprinted in Tyler's brain. Our little rough and tough toddler's kryptonite is a person in an Easter Bunny suit. Santa is ok. The Easter Bunny...not so much. He avoided the fake bunny like the plague.

All four kids were impressed with the train, the live bunnies and the hunt for eggs. John wimped out on the baby ferris wheel, but Austin, Lauren, and Tyler took their first carnival rides. It was the smallest ferris wheel I've ever seen, but they thought they were big stuff.

I almost published this post with no pictures. The days have been unusually busy in 2008 and I haven't uploaded pictures in a week, so it is taking a while to get all of the pictures off of my 2GB card (they are uploading as I type). For some reason I feel like my posts aren't authentic without a picture or two or more. I'm sure there will be a support group for that soon. (I should actually start it, but it wouldn't happen until the kids are all in school; high school.)

[insert 20 minutes of downloading time and hum the Jeopardy theme song or something with a good beat....]

And finally...some pictures.

I take way too many pictures.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful Easter weekend they had :)
Jen from

MaryBeth said...

Clearly, the pictures were worth the wait! Looks like everyone had a great time.