Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Are Invited our Potty Party! Hosted right here on this blog. Duration: who knows?

Tyler decided this morning that he didn't want to wear diapers anymore. Lauren and John soon followed. They will be 2 1/2 next Wednesday. I was planning on doing this 4-6 months from now...or never. I've dreaded this for a while. Potty training is not my thing.

I have to turn my attitude hat around and bite the bullet.

These three think they're ready!
This was the triplets' preschool Easter Party.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

great photos
Im sure it will work out fine
lots of praise

Mommy Brain said...

Oooo, good luck! My friend trained her quads in a weekend using the "sit ont he potty every 15 minutes" method. I also liked a lot of the ideas in "How to Train Your Child in One Day."

The Dairy Wife said...


This is a wonderful day! I love it now that my trio are potty trained.

Only bad thing is when I am by myself with them in a restaurant and I have to take all three of them every time ... like three times in 30 minutes. LOL.