Wednesday, April 16, 2008

T-Ball Opener

And so it begins...Austin's baseball career officially started this week. His first t-ball game was a roller coaster of fun. Austin is quite the little competitor and Daddy really got in to it. There were as many parents on the field as children. When a batter connected with the ball it was like a mini stampede. Austin kept trying to go after the ball. After about the third time of not getting the ball when he started running toward Clif and crying.

I have to give him credit, though. He dried up and went after the next ball. Finally, he got one and then another and life was good.

His at bats were fun too. He had to swing a couple of times to hit it at each bat, but once he connected he hit it a good way. The thing that amazed me the most was how he had picked up on baseball mannerisms. He had the stances down and knew exactly how to run the bases.

His brothers and sisters had a ball too. Frances and Kaiti came and we got them out of the stroller. They played and chased and cheered on the side lines. The joke is we'll have half of a team next year. Since their ages are so close, technically, they can all 4 be on the same team.

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Anonymous said...

Austin looks great in his uniform and sounds like he had a great game. Are there 2 Laurens? NANA