Thursday, April 3, 2008

We're Big Kids Now

We had a great weekend with our friend Debbie. This was lunch time at our favorite place to take visitors, Stone Mountain Park. The kids think that every time we have company we have to take them to play putt putt gold and ride the train. It is quickly becoming tradition around here. It is kind of sad that I am just now getting around to posting last weekend's pictures and it's almost next weekend, but that's they way it is these days.

This picture makes me happy. Many moms would be sad that their babies aren't babies anymore. I may get to that, but for now. It makes me smile to see all 4 kids in their own chair that doesn't have straps! Next stop - everyone in big kid underpants. Ahhhhhh!

This weekend is exciting. Austin has his first T-ball permitting. At a minimum, there will be pictures in the gym.
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My husband and I have 10 month old triplets,two boys and a girl. We love to see other sets and what it is going to be like in the future.