Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Learning Demolition and Building

Since we don't have enough going on in our lives, we decided to do a little remodeling. We are building a little screened in porch and deck on the back of our house. The kids are having a ball watching the demolition and building of this little structure.
From 2008_08_29

We are taking advantage of a slow housing market and Clif's occupation (selling building materials) to add some value to our house and a new outdoor place for the kids to play and be active. It is a lot bigger than I ever imagined, but I think we are going to love it when it's done!

From 2008_08_30_deck
From 2008_08_30_deck
From 2008_08_30_deck
From 2008_08_30_deck
Now with the major framework in place we are going to use some friends and our own hands to finish it out. Wish us luck!


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

how very interesting for your children :)

and all the best finishing it off


FabTheMayor said...

OK, I know you will hate me...but since when has that ever stopped me from voicing my opinion?? Wouldn't it have looked cool if you took the porch part all the way to the corner of the house?!