Friday, October 3, 2008

My Fashion Princess

From 2008_9_26_Trips_3rd
She's even cute in an eye patch. Lauren has some eye muscle issues and is having to wear a patch every day for an hour for a month. We've had to make a big deal out of her "getting to wear" the patch. Of course, the boys all think that they need one too.

I found out this morning that she has an eye for fashion. Lord knows she didn't learn it from me or her father, nonetheless, she has an eye for clothes.

My sister sent the kids clothes for their birthday. Lauren shrieked with joy when she opened the box. She yelled, "Just like Reesie Mommy!" She was referring to a little girl in her preschool class who wears the cutest designer clothes. Many of the tops her little friend wears are cut just like the one Aunt Lori sent her. I told Lauren's preschool teacher and she was amazed. 

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Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

beautiful dress
not always very practical though
hope the nice eye patch helps