Friday, October 3, 2008

Living a Week Behind

This post should have been published last Friday or Saturday. I feel like I have been a week behind on everything lately.

First of all Clif is home. He came home last Friday on the triplets' birthday. We never really told the kids about Daddy being in the hospital. We talked around it. It was pretty easy as Daddy travels some for work so they are used to Daddy being out occasionally. 

His health is improving, but I think he has been given a lifetime membership to the cardiologists' office. It is kind of comforting that he is under close care of a specialist. Since he's like most men who don't like to go to the doctor, this is actually a little bonus. According to his doctor he will do fine as long as he keeps on top of his condition and continues to take his medications. 

We canceled the kids' birthday party to give Clif some rest time. They still had cake and had a little party at preschool. And a 3 years old as long as there was cake there was a party!