Monday, January 5, 2009

Outsmarted by Our (almost) 5 Year Old

Austin has a hard time going to bed some nights. I don't know if he's bored or what. He yelled downstairs that he had a boo boo and needed a band aid. I told him to come down and show it to me. He never did.

He claimed that he had to potty so I didn't think anything about his long visit in the bathroom. Until John (who was sleeping in Austin's room tonight) kept visiting him. I went upstairs to investigate only to find about 50 band aids on his bedroom floor. When I asked how he got the "child-proof" cabinets opened he said, "umm....I don't know."

As I headed for the bathroom I found this....

The cabinet doors are locked by magnetic child locks. He has never seen us take out any drawers. Smart kid!


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

in a way its a good thing he did it - so you know youll have to make them even more kiddie proof
and Im so pleased they didnt have anything else in them

FabTheMayor said...

He can't be "almost" five. If he is "almost" five, then I am "almost 43". And I am NOT...I repeat NOT "almost 43"...I am still 42 and will be 42 until midnight on the night of February 23rd and don't you forget it! Or, perhaps, maybe I'll just celebrate the fourteenth anniversary of my 29th birthday : )

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