Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cutest T-ball Players


These are the cutest t-ball players I've ever seen. John and Tyler had their first game as t-ball players last Saturday and Austin had his first game of the season. Austin got the first hit of the game and the first game ball of the season. He was so proud. This Saturday they are going to be in a parade and have games again.

Tyler and John were typical 3-year olds on the field. They picked a little grass, Tyler picked on the kid next to him, and John cried. The coach actually sent him off the field crying to mama. As soon as he reached me he said, "I need my snack!" Priorities, 'ya know!


Villagepig said...

aaahhh the miracle that is the snack box :-)

SO cute in their little oufits!


Carol said...

haha, those pictures are precious!