Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Photos - Galore

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend. We had Nana (who Tyler is now calling Gram), Granddad, and Grammy Poe in for the weekend and Grandma and her friend Rose(Clif's mom) over on Saturday evening. Grammy Poe brought the kids her bunny cake which they devoured. We had lots of fun and too much sugar. Saturday was our church Easter Eggstravaganza. It was pretty chilly, but the kids didn't complain. There were ponies, a train, bubbles and more eggs than you can imagine. Tyler spent his weekend trotting up and down the stairs checking on Grandad who spent several hours working on his book. I'm not sure what they talked about but Tyler seems to have a new buddy. Dad had Bailey (their schnauzer) down with him. When Bailey was in his crate Tyler either let him out or pulled the crate around the room. He always finds something to occupy himself.
Austin talked Nanna into taking him to Target with his $4 and came home with a Bakugan set. Somehow I don't imagine they only cost $4.

Who takes over 100 pictures in a day? You guessed And since I feel like I can't post to my blog without a picture, I'll share some with you in a collage.


FabTheMayor said...

Man, I need to go to Target. They must be having one huge sale if you can get that great toy for only $4!

Sheree said...

Love the collages! i need to do that. Sat i took 600+ pic at Merrill's birthday party. it was all day so i think i averaged a pic every minute - for 10 HOURS. my whole body ached yesterday...