Thursday, November 12, 2009

4 Year Old Comedy

Kids are funny. They get funny around 2 and age 4 can be downright hilarious. Multiply that by 3 kids currently 4 in my house and call me entertained much of the time.

Here's a story from today.

We were on our way to preschool. I sometimes practice counting or do other memory things on the way to school. Today we were practicing phone numbers. We went through saying the home phone a few times, then my cell, then daddy's cell. The following conversation ensued:

John: "Mommy, I want a number. When am I going to have a number?"
Me: "Well, John. Some day you'll have a number. When you get older, you'll get a cell phone and then you'll have a number. We haven't decided when that will be yet. Maybe when you are 10 or 12."
John: "How about 10?"
Lauren: "No 12!!"
Tyler" "No!! 13!!!"
Me: [laughing at them arguing over a concept that they obviously don't get yet]
Lauren: "Mommy? Are you 12?"
Me: "No, Lauren. I'm 41."
Lauren: "I want to be 41 like you Mommy!"
John: "I want to be 65 like Daddy!"
Me: [laughing so hard my sides hurt (Daddy's about 20 years away from 65)]
John: "What's so funny?"
Me: "Daddy isn't 65 silly! He's 45!"
Tyler: "Mommy!!! Daddy's not 45! He's 46!!!"
Me: "Oh yeah! You're right Tyler."

N.e.e.d. M.o.r.e. C.o.f.f.e.e.

And now for a random picture:
Preschool Tumbling
From 2009-11-07

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