Monday, November 23, 2009

Elf on the Shelf

I found a new BFF today. I bought an Elf on the Shelf doll and book. He is my new friend because he is being really helpful with discipline during the begining of this crazy season.

If you have never seen the Elf, here is the story. . .

The Elf comes to your house. As soon as you name him, he has magical powers. Those powers allow him to magically visit Santa every night to update Santa on your kids' behavior. Brilliant! When they go to sleep he travels to the North Pole and returns by morning to a new spot in the house. They are to race to find him in the morning.

What is even more brilliant (until they catch on) is the tradition goes that Santa told him 1) not to talk to the kids, and 2) the kids aren't allowed to touch him. If the kids touch him, his magical powers go away and Santa will think the kids forgot about him just before Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, the Elf rides with Santa back to the North Pole where he stays until next year.

My kids have bought this hook, line, and sinker. They are so excited. Their imaginations are going wild. Now, the fun part begins. If I can remember to move this Elf every night, we'll have something good. He has also been known to get into some mischief, so any suggestions of where he might end up are aprreciated. So far, we've come up with various places in the kitchen (including the fridge or freezer), the car, and who knows where else.

I know some of my Facebook friends have these for their kids, so I'm hoping we can all share some ideas. The downside of bringing him out early is the length of time you have to change him up, but if they keep believing that he's Santa's informant it will be "oh, so worth it!" Tyler was standing on the couch this afternoon and I said, "Oh, No!! The Elf saw you!!!!" He IMMEDIATELY sat down.
Ours is named Weekie. Which had to be drawn out of a hat of 2 choices.

To get one or learn more, visit the Elf on the Shelf web site.


FabTheMayor said...

Did they name him Frannie???

Lynne said...

Nope. Weekie! Do you want to be an angel or an elf? I think you got the good one.