Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Big Bird Went Poo on the Potty

Austin, now 3, and trying to finish potty training has reached the pretend stage. Yesterday, he took Big Bird (a result of our mall trip and a visit to Build-A-Bear) to the potty with him. To our surprise {wink, wink} Big Bird knew all about the potty and went Poo on the potty. Austin declared the Big Bird should get 2 chocolates! That's what Austin gets when he actually poo poos on the potty (our biggest problem area). Austin only pee peed, so he didn't get 2, he got 1.

This morning, Austin had poo pooed in his diaper (still in overnites) and as I was getting him cleaned up, he declared that Elmo had gone poo also. We had to wipe him (now I have 5 rear-ends to wipe) and put on pretend underwear, socks, and shoes. He insited that Elmo ride to preschool, so he had to actually have a jacket. I guess we can't pretend about being cold. Elmo's original seat was next to Austin in John's car seat. Austin deicided that Elmo would like it better if he sat in Grammy Poe's seat.

"Buckle him in Mommy!" I'm glad he's paying some attention.

See Grammy Poe? You have a seat in the van. Are you sure you want to go back home next week?

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