Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Young Valentine Love

Austin made his special delivery today. When I picked him up at preschool, he wanted to know if we were going to Anne's house. We stopped by Kroger to purchase his gift. He picked it out all by himself. After careful consideration of his choices, he said, "Mommy, Anne would like this." He picked out a lovely pink balloon attached to a Dora the Explorer bag of cookies. After he found it, there was no changing his mind.

Armed with his gift, he was ready to go to Anne's. On the way to the van he held onto the balloon for dear life. It wasy windy and he was very scared that the balloon would go "uppa to the sky". Again, he asked, "Ready to go to Anne's house?" My answer of "Not until after lunch" met with 3-year old resistance. He was on a mission. Again he asked and again I said, "We have to go home and eat lunch." He said, "I don't wanna eat lunch Mommy." I replied, "We need to go home and help Grammy Poe feed the babies lunch." He said, "The babies don't need lunch Mommy!" He was not happy when we pulled into the driveway, but Elmo {see earlier post; I'm not crazy enough to actually be talking to Elmo yet} and I persuaded him that a little lunch would be good.

After all were fed, we headed to his Valentine's house. He talked the whole way over..."Mommy, are we going to Anne's house? Mommy, I give Anne a balloon." She was so glad to see him. Austin doesn't let go of balloons easily. He's been hooked since he was about 9 months old. This must be true love :-) The exchange was so cute. They hugged, posed for pictures and went off to play. Both mom's were so proud.

Keep it up Austin, these skills will come in handy some day. Now, if we could just finish potty training.....
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