Thursday, February 15, 2007

Splish Splash Triplets Takin' a Bath

Bath night is every other night at our house. Most times all 4 kids are in the bath tub, but Austin had a long day, so he had to get out of the tub first tonight. John, Lauren, and Tyler love their baths. I hope this translates into easy swimming lessons this summer. We'll see.

Prior to the bath, big bro was sitting on the potty. Flanked on each side of him were his two little brothers. All 4 kids were naked and ready to get into the tub and Daddy was in position to get the bath water ready. As a stream of pee pee was hitting the toilet water, John and Tyler got extremely excited and started waving their hands and proceeded to splash in the toilet. Yuk! I really wish that I had the camera. Even though it was gross, they were having a ball. I've heard of stories like these by multiple siblings...didn't think it would happen here already.
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