Monday, June 4, 2007

Swimming Lessons - Day 7

Today was Tyler's day. Tanya said she got the best swimming from him yet.

All four kids did well. We still had screaming from Lauren, crying and clapping from John, and a little fear from Austin today. However, Austin did a rousing rendition of his swimming for his daddy before bed and talked about tomorrow.

Tanya's daughter was there again and just motors around the pool (she's 4). She said that her daughter cried through most of her lessons too. That's helpful to know seeing her swim around like a little fish now. She's also on a swim team.

We also now have a bonus. Tanya is training a new instructor, so we have two instructors in the pool. She is just as nice and is a high school teacher.

If I can un-clutter my tired brain and remember to take the camera, I'm going to take some update videos.

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Jen said...

WTG Tyler :) keep it up
wow thats a bonus 2 instructors in the pool